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TIA was founded in 1987 by Larry K. Pitts and a team of former investment officers from American Fletcher National Bank & Trust Company (AFNB).  AFNB had merged with Bank One which is now J. P. Morgan Chase.

The team was responsible for the Trust & Asset Management Group at AFNB.  At the time of the merger, they were nationally recognized as an intermediate fixed income manager.  Their $10 billion in trust assets under management at AFNB exceeded Bank One’s entire trust assets at the date of the merger.  This fixed income expertise and proven equity process was the genesis of TIA’s Preferred Income Portfolio (PIP) introduced in 2009.

Portfolio Development

TIA launched their Value Equity Portfolio (VEP) in 1987 and its sister Income Equity Portfolio (IEP) in 1993.  These portfolios have been fully tested for decades under various stock market cycles.  The result has been reduced volatility and risk-adjusted returns.  The market conditions in the late 1990’s convinced TIA to develop the third equity style-Growth Equity Portfolio (GEP).  Our growth style is value based with a Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) philosophy.  TIA’s three value portfolios have different dividend yields and growth rates.  Our institutional asset allocation model utilizes all three portfolios.

For specifics on each equity portfolio, refer to the Equity Styles section.

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