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The investment objective of TIA's Income Equity Portfolio (IEP) is to invest in companies having a high current yield with a growing stream of dividend income. TIA performs its own fundamental research, utilizing a leading financial database, to screen for potential purchase candidates meeting predetermined criteria.

TIA's stock selection process has two components: a screening process to determine stocks meeting TIA's guidelines for inclusion in the IEP and a ranking process based on the company's dividend yield and projected dividend yield given its dividend growth rate.

Stocks selected from the screening process are ranked according to their current and projected dividend yield. TIA analysts use the screening process to pick companies to review for possible purchase. The analysts perform a fundamental evaluation of the company's financial statements, management and industry to determine its prospects.

Stocks are monitored on an ongoing basis for dividend growth, dividend yield and cash flow. Companies falling below certain criteria for each ratio are considered exceptions and a selling decision is considered. Typically, the IEP will consist of a well-diversified portfolio of 25-30 stocks.

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